The Inspiration Behind "I Have Salt"

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Published 1 year ago
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Discover the heart and soul behind 'I Have Salt', a unique culinary platform that marries AI innovation with human creativity. We celebrate and collaborate with chefs and recipe creators worldwide, enhancing food experiences while embracing the delectable diversity of the culinary landscape.


Welcome to a culinary adventure like no other! As we embark on this delicious exploration, we wanted to share the story behind "I Have Salt". Our platform is not just about recipes—it's about connecting with people, exploring the artistry behind our favorite dishes, and embracing the endless possibilities of AI in harmony with human creativity.

The Birth of an Idea

Our love for food and the enchanting experiences it brings led us to envision a platform that could cater to each individual's unique culinary desires. We believed in combining the magic of our diverse food heritage with the power of AI to bring you highly personalized dishes crafted specifically for your taste buds.

Our Commitment to Supporting Chefs and Recipe Creators

"I Have Salt" salutes the chefs and recipe creators who have been the driving force behind the culinary world's vibrant tapestry. We're passionate about showcasing their talents, featuring their unique creations, and inviting them to collaborate on our platform. By sharing their vision and expertise, we aim to keep their culinary influence alive and thriving in this ever-evolving gastronomic landscape.

AI Chefs: Enhancing Culinary Experiences, Not Replacing Them

Our AI chefs are here to complement and inspire, not to replace or overshadow human creativity. Think of them as innovative culinary partners, unearthing new ingredients, techniques, and eclectic combinations that can elevate your gastronomic game. By stitching together various flavors and cuisines, these AI chefs create an array of possibilities that stir our imagination and tantalize our taste buds.

A Platform for Collaboration and Discovery

"I Have Salt" is more than just a recipe platform—it's a space for culinary enthusiasts from all walks of life to connect, collaborate, and grow. We strive to unveil fresh perspectives, foster dynamic conversations, and invite our community members to share their food stories, explorations, and insights.

From live cook-alongs and chef interviews to sustainability and conscious eating, our intention is to create a versatile platform that caters to the needs and interests of food lovers everywhere.


As we set sail on this scrumptious voyage, we wholeheartedly invite you to join the "I Have Salt" family. Let's discover, innovate, and create unforgettable taste experiences together. We are excited and grateful to have you along for this delectable journey filled with endless culinary adventures. Remember, the world is your oyster—or, should we say, your salt shaker!

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