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Mexican Fiesta Cannelloni

Josh's profile photo Fusion cuisine, intermediate
70 minutes, by Josh

Impress with a fusion dish combining Italian cannelloni and bold Mexican flavors, perfect for a spicy, fun-filled dinner.

Big Mac Tacos

fandango's profile photo American-Mexican Fusion cuisine, beginner
25 minutes, by fandango

Big Mac Tacos blend the classic burger flavors with the fun of tacos for an irresistible fusion.

Big Mac Tacos

fandango's profile photo Fusion cuisine, beginner
30 minutes, by fandango

Experience a culinary fusion with Big Mac Tacos, where American fast-food meets Mexican street food charm.

Bourgignon de Champignons

fandango's profile photo French cuisine, intermediate
155 minutes, by fandango

A vegetarian rendition of the French classic, using mushrooms for a rich and earthy flavor.

Boeuf Bourguignon

J's profile photo French cuisine, intermediate
210 minutes, by J

A taste of the French countryside, Boeuf Bourguignon is a rustic and warming dish steeped in history.

Mexican Fiesta Cannelloni

Mexican Fiesta Cannelloni

fandango's profile photo Italian-Mexican Fusion cuisine, intermediate
75 minutes, by fandango

Embark on a culinary journey with cannelloni bursting with Mexican spices and a rich salsa roja.

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