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Frosted Citrus Jubilee

Rick's profile photo International cuisine, beginner
5 minutes, by Rick

The 'Frosted Citrus Jubilee' is a sweet, frozen vodka cocktail with a twist of lemon and lime, perfect for celebrations.

Bitter Noir Martini

John's profile photo International cuisine, beginner
5 minutes, by John

Journey into the elegant blend of East meets West with this vodka-cola martini, kissed by bitters and crowned with an olive.

Mexican Fiesta Cannelloni

Josh's profile photo Fusion cuisine, intermediate
70 minutes, by Josh

Impress with a fusion dish combining Italian cannelloni and bold Mexican flavors, perfect for a spicy, fun-filled dinner.

Crispy Rice Sushi Waffles

thescout's profile photo Japanese cuisine, intermediate
40 minutes, by thescout

Fusion dish that combines crispy rice and fresh sushi toppings in a unique waffle form.

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